So HOT, So KOREANBring out the Korean Star in you!Ultimate Satisfaction with Korean..

Familiar? It is yet another new variant of KFC (no longer Kentucky Fried Chicken) menu. Each time a new choice comes, it only stays for awhile. So will “Spicy Korean Ultimate Hotbox”. Nothing beats Original Snack Plate. Agree?

Mastering Korean language however, is permanent. Acquiring ability to speak and write in another language is a skill no one can take away. It means you can communicate or better, influence another large group of people in this globalized world.

Ever thought that you might be required of knowing Korean language in future? Your next employment? Migrating to Korea? Who knows..

Drop us your details and preferences, find out yourself how convenient to enroll in a Korean language course and you might be interested.



Non-native language tutor vs Native language tutor, which do you prefer?

This is one of the common questions by students looking for language lessons.

Is your tutor a native for the language I am signing up?

Why is it important to ask this question? One might jumped in and say that a native can enable students to learn better.

A native tutor can relate to student better in matters like their cultural values, events, and festivals. In the process of educating, reasonable dosage of story telling or info is effective in helping students to absorb and establish better memory in the process of learning.

Some students may require specific native tutor in their conversational lesson to adapt to the local slang of their respective countries or origin. Malaysian-spoken Mandarin and Beijing/Shanghai spoken Mandarin are both distinctive. This factor will be important to individuals who need to communicate for their professional or business needs in an exact local slang.

However, pay attention that native tutors must have an acceptable level of proficiency and pronounciation in English, being the language medium in teaching. Some students find it difficult to even understand a sentence from native Korean tutors, let alone learning a new language.

Bottomline, set simple expectation right and express needs to language providers, to match you with a suitable course or tutor.