The Korean Wave

by Learn Kor Ean Msia

Have you ride the Korean Wave? Gangnam 2

Ever wish you could watch your favourite Korean drama without reading subtitle, and get yourself immerse into the Korean culture? Take a look at this young talent. How you wish you can speak like this young charm or understand what he is saying. Engage a professional Korean tutor now!


Perhaps you are looking to work with a Korean company and Korean will be a requirement or added advantage. Being literate with foreign language will surely boost a better chance of getting employed by a foreign-based employer. In Southeast Asian countries, people’s enthusiasm about the Korean language runs high. It means a good command of the Korean language is important in positioning yourself ready for business opportunity or securing a job!


Also, know what to expect before you go for your first holiday to Korea! People of Korea, (including foreigners) are proud of its Korean language and it matters to put effort to know your words around! Watch this 3 survival tips, register with us, and you will have a much fruitful experience when you visit Korea.


Are you a Korean residing in Malaysia with young children and want to provide your children with proper education on your native language? Looking for a Korean school or a good Korean tutor in Malaysia on your own is never easy and expensive as there is very few tutor. Do not let your child miss the opportunity to grow up learning your native language!


Plus, you want to know it right away when someone shout fouls language at you. Gangnam